Sports, Aerobic and Dance Clubs in St. Ives

This section of Sports, Aerobic and Dance Clubs contains details of all known sporting or activity based organisations who are represented in this location in Huntingdonshire, in the county of Cambridgeshire. Some of these may be national organisations who have branch membership facilites in the area or they may be wholly local organisations. These organisations are likely to offer membership to both adults and children. There is another specific section for Youth Organisations and Kids Clubs accessible from the Community menu.

Some of these Organisations service the entire District and may not be based in St. Ives nor have a permanent facility in St. Ives. These are marked YES in the 'Dist' or District Column in which case their information will open in a new window on the website where they are based.

List of Sports, Aerobic and Dance Clubs in St. Ives


Location Name

Local Tel (01480)

National Telephone


01487 773520

01487 773520



01480 810478



01480 380804


01353 7401499

01353 7401499


07866 706 539


Site member banner of Jump Club



01487 815388



01480 469711


01487 843857





01480 499920


Site member banner of St Ives Golf Club



07752 737689

01480 388555




Site member banner of St Ives Swimming Club




01480 390522


Site member banner of St Ives Table Tennis Club










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Invitation to Organisation Officials

If you manage a local organisation, that would fit into our section on Sports, Aerobic and Dance Clubs, that is missing from the list above or if any of the information is incorrect please make contact with the webmaster who will explain how an addition or correction can be made. We are about to allow local groups to manage and maintain their own information on this site. Follow this link if you wish to read further information about managing your own entry on our Huntingdonshire websites (External link to our Huntingdonshire website will open in a new window).