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A brief description about St Ives Methodist Ministry

Loving God.Learning more. Having faith.

Loving God. Asking questions. Learning more. Having faith. Following Jesus. Room for doubts. Lots of people. Old ones, young ones. Stressed ones, sunny ones. Bouncy toddlers, tired parents. Coo-ing babies, sometimes screaming. Trying. Believing.


Youll find a warm welcome at St Ives Methodist Church. Our services vary each - some are relatively traditional, whilst others are designed to be more accessible to someone who may feel more comfortable in Costa or McDonalds rather than a church service. Various groups also meet throughout the week. Every Tuesday morning the church is open for anyone to drop in and visit during "Open Door". We have bible study groups, fellowship groups and social groups that also meet. Please visit our website for further details.

The history of the church can be traced back to 1784 when early meetings took place in a members house. This quickly progressed to meeting in a barn for worship, and in 1815 - over 30 years after the first meetings - members were able to complete the building of a Chapel in the town.

A new chapel was built in 1905, taking the church into the twentieth century in modern new premises. During both world wars the church was used to maximum benefit of the local community as a Red Cross Hospital.

A complete refurbishment took place in 1997 following a fire the year before. A centenary celebration of the building took place in 2005. The church building will continue to develop and evolve to serve the needs of members as we strive to serve the name of Jesus in the town of St Ives.

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St Ives Methodist Church, 19 Audley Close, St Ives, PE27 6UJ



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Administration and Committee Contacts for St Ives Methodist Ministry

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Enquiries Vanessa Murphy 463123


Minister Rev Matt Finch 462293


Organiser Mrs Wendy Ware 370185


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Visit us at Methodist Church icon Churches and Chapels Methodist Church St Ives Methodist Church, 27 The Waits, St Ives, PE27 5BY
Visit us at Hall and Meeting Rooms @ The Methodist Church icon Parish and Community Halls Hall and Meeting Rooms @ The Methodist Church St Ives Methodist Church, 27 The Waits, St Ives, PE27 5BY


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Upstairs Meeting Room

Upstairs Meeting Room


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Main Hall


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The Hall


The Methodist Parish Hall

The Methodist Parish Hall


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