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A brief description about Janet Church Interiors

Welcome to Janet Church Interiors, the Soft Furnishing Specialist

If you're looking for a specialist interior design service, look no further than Janet Church Interiors. I can provide top quality interior products to all customers in St Ives and the surrounding Cambridgeshire area.


I have 20 years of experience in interior design thanks to my home based services, and since setting up Janet Church Interiors 4 years ago, the future has never looked brighter.

About Us
Janet Church Interiors offers an outstanding specialist bespoke design service for made to measure curtains and blinds as well as stocking a range of soft furnishings, wallpaper and accessories.

Janet Church herself has over a decades' worth of experience in designing, making and fitting curtains, blinds and various other soft furnishings. Her experience in this field is exemplified through the quality of the products on offer in the store.

The shop was opened in 2006 and since then has gone from strength to strength attracting customers from across the UK to take advantage of Janet's attention to detail and quality service.

Janet is passionate about interior design: 'I love helping people to have lovely rooms that provide a pleasurable experience just by walking into them. Every room should have it's own atmosphere. Nothing should jar. It should be a oneness of good design.'

As well as making beautiful furnishings Janet also offers a free measuring service and for a small fee can even fit curtains or blinds for you.

Measuring and Fitting
Here at Janet Church Interiors, I work hard to give everyone an outstanding service. Thanks to my measuring and fitting service, I can provide you with bespoke curtains and blinds made exactly to your specifications.

Soft Furnishings Specialist
What makes me better than the rest is that I am very passionate about interior design. I love helping people to have lovely rooms that provide a pleasurable experience just by walking into them. Every room should have it's own atmosphere, and I promise to make sure your home will be better than ever once I'm done.

Our Services
As well as being a soft furnishings specialist, I also provide decorating products such as wallpaper and Sanderson paints, so your walls will look good as new. In addition, I can provide you with all sorts of interior accessories such as lamps and doorstops, so you can have your home looking exactly the way you want it.

Our services include;

Contact Us
So for interior accessories in Cambridgeshire, make sure you come to Janet Church Interiors. I can be reached via phone at 0148 049 3400, by e-mail at info@janetchurchinteriors.co.uk

Don't delay, call for Janet Church Interiors today!

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11 White Hart Court, St Ives, PE27 5EA



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