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A brief description about Living Kitchens (John Rush Services Ltd)


John Rush is the founder and Managing Director of Living Kitchens.

John's objective is to assess, advise, supply, design and/or undertake the installation of kitchens to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

Living Kitchens provide their services across East Anglia.


Living Kitchens offer an eclectic mix of kitchens and kitchen furniture and appliances from a multiplicity of well known manufacturers.

John Rush has established an excellent reputation for offering "complete solutions" for refurbishment projects. John, uses his extensive project management experience to ensure the work of all the tradesmen involved, are co-ordinated and quality assured to ensure the most efficient and economic outcome for the customer.

Living Kitchens offer the following services:

Supply Only
Design Only
Design and Supply
Design, Supply and Installation. The ultimate "one stop shop"

A variety of good quality furniture for bedrooms, home/office is also offered.

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01180 458900


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Administration Address*

Bathroom Barn & Living Kitchens, 8A Harding Way, St Ives, PE27 8NR



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Visit us at Living Kitchens (St Ives) icon Home & Garden Retailers Living Kitchens (St Ives) Bathoorm Barn & Living Kitchens, 8A Harding Way, St Ives, PE27 3WR


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Kitchen Design B

Kitchen Design B


Cookers and Grills

Cookers and Grills


Counter tops and floors

Counter tops and floors


Built in Fridge Freezer

Built in Fridge Freezer


Kitchen Design A

Kitchen Design A


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