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The information below is about the organisation, it's management and membership and not about the building or facilities in which it trades with the public, holds its meetings or events as those facilities may not be managed by this organisation. For details about the facilities either follow any links provided below or those from the Home Page of this site.

A brief description about Jevstar Dot Com

Jevstar Dot Com., builders of the British Towns Network

In addition to 56 websites in, around and about the towns and villages of Huntingdonshire, Jevstar Dot Com., manage and maintain the British Towns Network.


We are owners and operators of a range of commercial web sites and major web and commercial database designers.

The largest web site we own and operate is the "British Towns and Villages Network. ( This site has in excess of 1.8Million pages of information, which are a guide of places to visit, events to attend, how to get there and a selection of Hotel and other accommodation in which to stay.

We also own and operate web sites across Huntingdonshire, including the major Towns of St. Neots, Huntingdon, St. Ives, Ramsey and Godmanchester, which have recently undergone an extensive upgrade programme. We have now opened-up these popular websites allowing local business's and charitable/voluntary organisations to publish and manage their own information within each website. This will advertise their products and services to a wider market, than they could hope to achieve from their own website (if they have one) and provide an inexpensive, cost effective solution for those that don't.

Jevstar Dot Com, as Jevstar Ltd., has also designed, built and managed enterprise level systems for Exel Logistics and Somerfield Stores Ltd; to name but a few significant organisations. We have also undertaken "health system projects" for Private Health Care Providers.

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01480 495 859


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6 California Road, St Ives, PE27 6SJ



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Enquiries Caroline A. Vincent 01480 459859


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Visit us at Jevstar Dot Com icon Internet Consultants and Website Designers Jevstar Dot Com 6 California Road, St Ives, PE27 6SJ


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