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BBC News - Cambridgeshire Sun, 27 Sep 2020 08:04:37 GMT

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Cambridge's Dutch-style roundabout: Why all the fuss?

Why is this traffic feature so controversial - and where is next in line for one?

Keith Skues presents last BBC local radio show after 60-year career

Keith Skues is hailed as one of "the true legends of radio" after a career spanning seven decades.

HMP Littlehey: 'Woefully small amount' of sex offenders get rehab

HMP Littlehey has "limited opportunities for activity" for prisoners aged over 50, a report says.

Covid-19: What has it meant for the 'busiest' trains?

Data for autumn 2019 shows 22% of passengers into London were standing. That was before Covid-19 struck.

Anthony Lewis: Life for 'predatory' children's entertainer

Anthony Lewis used his role to target events which gave him access to young children, police say.

Your questions answered: Covid-19 in the East of England

Answering your questions on what the latest coronavirus restrictions mean for our region.

HMP Whitemoor prison officer attack CCTV shown to jury

Neil Trundle tells a jury he was stabbed in the head by two inmates accused of trying to kill him.

Dream Lodge Group director Simon Moir banned

Simon Moir's actions "have caused substantial losses to investors", the Insolvency Service said.