St Ives Parish Map of 1728

The Parish Map of St Ives in Cambridgeshire drawn by Edward Pettis in 1728 and a modern interpretation drawn in 2007.


Below are displayed two versions of the same map. The first a facsimile of the map drawn by Edward Pettis of the Parish of St Ives in 1728. The original of this map is now in the care of the Norris Museum, St Ives. Considering its age the map is an excellent example of the cartography of the period but it is very difficult to interpret some elements of it, still it is nearly 300 years old!

The original St Ives Parish Map drawn by Edward Pettis in 1728

The original 1728 St Ives Parish Map drawn by Edward Pettis

Below is displayed a 2007 interpretation of the Pettis Map. Using state of the art mapping software this has been converted into full colour. We have applied a dark green to the agricultural areas of the parish, the light green areas being outside the parish boundary. Red marks the main roads, but remember at this time they would have looked nothing like our roads of today, and the yellow marks the minor tracks. Orange areas indicate mark the dwellings and business. These could be farms, shops or houses or all three at once! The purple shape is the Parish Church of All Saint's (Church of England).

A 2007 version of the 1728 St Ives Parish Map

A 2007 version of the 1728 St Ives Parish Map

A number of areas on the original map are extremely difficult to "decode" therefore the second map must be treated as an "interpretation" and NOT an exact copy of the original.

There is still a lot of work for us to do deciphering the individual names of each parcel of land and over this year we intend to do this and you will then be able to 'click' on each area to see what is was called. In many cases the name of the piece of land in 2007 is the same as it was in 1728. for example 'Tenter Leas', 'Broad Leas' and 'Burly Hill' are clearly marked on the original map, but note the changes in spelling especially of the later!



We are grateful to Bob Burn-Murdoch, Curator of the Norris Museum, for facilitating this page. Our local museum is a treasure house of our past and we strongly advise that you become a regular visitor.

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