Kleanco Dry Cleaners (St Ives), in St Ives

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3 Kings Hedges, St Ives, PE27 3XS - Tel: (01480 unless stated) 492942

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3 Kings Hedges, St Ives, PE27 3XS - Tel: (01480 unless stated) 492942


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From our shop in Kings Hedges, St Ives we offer a comprehensive range of prefessional dry cleaning and laundry services but with added extras for example:

* Free Pick-Up and Delivery Service
* Our Curtain Cleaning service also provides the taking down and re-hanging of the curtains and associated dressings.

We also do Alterations and Repairs

As you and your family experience periods of growth or reduction our tailor is ready to make the necessary adjustments required, thus extending the life and value of the garment - Too Tight, Too Loose, Too Short, Too Long, It is not too late.........


replace zips on all garments,
shorten or lengthen trousers,
taper trousers in
let out jackets and seams
shorten jacket sleeves,
let down and shorten dresses and skirts,
replace linings on coats, jackets, trousers etc;

and much more.

Specialist Laundry Items:

Bed Linen - This hand finished service includes stain removal, cleaning, hand pressing, mending, inspection and packaging. Bed linens are bundled in sets to make changing the beds as easy as possible. Silk and linen sheets require extensive hand finishing which we can provide at Kleanco.

Table Linen - Almost all table linens require extensive pressing and must be processed with Kleanco care and attention, to get the best results.

As opposed to a normal commercial laundry, we at Kleanco Service pay particular attention to the fine linens and present the finished product to you the customer in the highest quality packaging.



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What's HOT at Kleanco Dry Cleaners (St Ives)

FREE Pick Up and Delivery Service, on sale at Kleanco Dry Cleaners (St Ives) in St Ives, Cambridgeshire

FREE Pick Up and Delivery Service - APU1/601


£ 0.00

At KLeanco we are particularly proud of our FREE Pick-up and delivery Service with one quick phone call from you we will arrange to have your dry cleaning and laundry, picked-up either from your home or place of work and delivered back to you, all at times convenient to you.

This FREE service is available within a 10 miles radius of our shop in St Ives but if you have a large order and live a little further away then give us a call.


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Specialist Services

These are some of the things that we can do for you by way of specialist laundry and dry cleaning, but if its not listed here it does not mean that we don't do it so if in doubt give us a call, we will be happy to talk to you. 

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Day First Opening Second Opening
Sunday Closed
Monday Open from 08:30 until 18:00
Tuesday Open from 08:30 until 18:00
Wednesday Open from 08:30 until 18:00
Thursday Open from 08:30 until 17:30
Friday Open from 08:30 until 18:00
Saturday Open from 08:00 until 17:30

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