White Hart Inn, in St Ives

Sheep Market, St Ives, PE27 5AH - Tel: (01480 unless stated) 463275

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B&B @ The White Hart Inn
The Snug @ The White Hart Inn

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Sheep Market, St Ives, PE27 5AH - Tel: (01480 unless stated) 463275


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This is a legally protected building of historic significance

This location is listed Grade 2 by English Heritage


The White Hart is one of only two licensed premises in St. Ives which has traded in the same location with the same name since 1728. Today's licensees Terry and Ann Richardson, pride themselves on providing a warm welcome to all their customers and guests in the centre of our lovely market town. The Inn offers a welcoming family atmosphere.

Terry and Ann are "Geordies" who relocated from Tyneside almost 40 years ago. They used the pub themselves as their "local" from 1972 when Terry was in the building trade. Their careers took a very diverse route, mainly as a result of Ann's love of food and cooking. After managing a couple of properties they took on their own lease in the early 90's. Having been in the trade for around 20 years they have enjoyed 12 of those years in The White Hart.

The pub has a wide customer base ranging from 18 to 80+, some of whom have been regulars longer than Terry and Ann! Families with children are also made welcome. The doors open at 10.30 am until night time close. It's very much a 24 hour trade!

In recent years Terry and Ann have refurbished the pub with new furniture and modern decor but without losing any of its endearing and traditional features. They pride themselves on offering a clean and comfortable environment to their customers.

The pub comprises:

Lounge Bar
Snug Bar
4 clean and comfortable guest rooms including 1 family room (a double and single bed), 2 twin bedrooms and 1 single bedroom
Outside Courtyard

Food is certainly one of the main attractions at The White Hart. It is good traditional, no nonsense food, with generous portions at affordable prices. A wide selection is available including a Children's and Senior Citizen's menu. Quality ingredients are used and Ann makes many of the dishes from scratch utilising a local Fenstanton based butcher and other local suppliers.

A full Menu with lunchtime snacks is available:
Monday to Friday - 11.30 hours - 14.30 hours
Saturday - 11.30 hours - 15.00 hours
Sunday - 11.30 hours - 17.00 hours

The Evening Menu is available:
Monday to Saturday 19.00 Hours - 21.00 hours
Sunday - No Food avaialble after 17.00 hours

Hot beverages and home made cakes are offered all day.


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The Normal Opening Times of White Hart Inn

Day First Opening Second Opening
Sunday Open from 11:30 until 22:30
Monday Open from 10:30 until 23:00
Tuesday Open from 10:30 until 23:00
Wednesday Open from 10:30 until 23:00
Thursday Open from 10:30 until 23:00
Friday Open from 10:30 until 00:30
Saturday Open from 10:30 until 00:30

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The Bar, White Hart

The Bar, White Hart


The Snug at the White Hart

The Snug at the White Hart


Yard at the White hart

Yard at the White hart


Through the White Hart

Through the White Hart


The Town Centre

The Town Centre


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