A Norman Knight on horseback (1)

The Normans in St Ives

A Norman Knight on horseback (2)


The Domesday Book entry for Slepe (St Ives)

An extract of the entry for St Ives in the Domesday Book

"In Slepe, the Abbot of Ramsey has 20 hides of land liable to tax, and land for 24 ploughs. He keeps his own land for 3 ploughs, apart from the hides already mentioned. He now has in his control 3 ploughs, 39 villagers, and 12 smallholders, who have 20 ploughs. There is a priest, a church, 60 acres of pasture, and woods a league long and half a league wide. In Edward the Confessor's reign all this was worth £20, it is now worth £16.

Of this land, three of the Abbot's men, Evrard, Ingelrann and Pleines, have four hides. They have three and a half ploughs, and five villagers and six smallholders who have three ploughs, a church and a priest. This is worth 45 shillings. Sheriff Eustace claims one hide".


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