A slightly animated image of a Stone Age man

Prehistoric St Ives

A slightly animated image of a Stone Age Triolith

There is little evidence left to tell us what our early ancestors were doing around St Ives. Small quantities of early tools like flint arrow and axe heads have been found. Given the abundance of wild life it must have been tempting to venture around the edges of the fen.

A number of ancient wooden dugout canoes have been found in many places, the most notable during the draining of Whittlesey Mere, which proves that our forbears attempted to navigate the waterways of the fen.

The spectacular finds uncovered at Flag Fen, Peterborough show that as time progressed the population rose to significant numbers capable of creating such an amazing construction. There the wooden artefacts have been preserved by the extremely wet and airless conditions elsewhere we have not been so lucky and all we find are the occasional stone, bronze and later iron tools. A selection of the local finds is on display in the Norris Museum in St Ives.


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