St Ives Town Twinning Association

St Ives Town Twinning Association managing the relationship between St Ives and Stadtallendorf (Germany) and developing a potential relationship with Medvode (Slovenia)

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St Ives


In the early 1950's a special relationship between Huntingdonshire and the Landkreis Marburg-Biedenkopf in Germany had began to develop and by the late 1970's the two districts twinned. By 1968 the St Ivo School began student exchanges with its counterpart school in the German town of Stadtallendorf within the district of the Landkreis Marburg-Biedenkopf. Ties between other organisations in St Ives and Stadtallendorf soon formed and by the late 1980's the two towns decided to formalise the relationship.

On November 19th 1988 the Mayor of St Ives, Mark Plews, organised a public ceremony that was held in the St Ivo School and attended by the Burgermeister of Stadtallendorf, Manfred Vollmer and other representatives of Stadtallendorf. The Mayor and Burgermeister signed the first or two twinning charters, the second of which was signed in Stadtallendorf in April of 1989. Since that time numerous two-way visits have taken place.

In more recent years with the inclusion of many of the eastern European states into the European Union explorative meetings and visits have taken place between St Ives and and the town of Medvode in Slovenia with a view to the creation of a twinning arrangement between the two towns. We shall have to see how this turns out.

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