Citizens of St. Ives

The town of St. Ives in Cambridgeshire has hosted it's fair share of prominent citizens and is happily continuing to add to the list. We will be enlarging this section to include those people who in the past brought fame, or possibly infamy, to the town.

We start with Oliver Cromwell who made the town his home for around six years before moving to Ely, and then on to Joe Bugner who also liked a good fight but at least he did not start a Civil War. And then on to one of our current prominent citizens Bob Burn-Murdoch who spends his life looking after our history as Curator of the Norris Museum.


This is not the end of the list there will be others to add as time permits, in no particular order the list grows as follows;

  • Herbert. E. Norris - Local historian and benefactor of the Norris Museum collection
  • William Wigston Warner - Former Mayor and Benefactor of Warner's Park
  • Edmund Pettis - Local chronicler
  • Peggy Seamark - (Hemingford Grey) Councillor, Civic Society, Friends of the Norris Museum and Swan Rescue.



BUT not everyone is famous and you may be looking for them...

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