Enderbys Printing Mill, St Ives

Originally built by Potto Brown as a steam driven corn grinding mill

Two photographs of Enderby's Printing Mill in St Ives taken around 100 years apart

The steam mill at St Ives was built by Potto Brown in 1854 and continued in use until 1901 when is was sold to Enderby and Co to become the printing works depicted in the upper picture. Later the building was used by Sir Clive Sinclair to manufacture some of the early electronics that were to change our lives and make him famous.

Enderby's Printing Mill circa 1910

Enderby's Printing Mill - St Ives

Enderby's Printing Mill at the turn of the last century. A strange subject for a Postcard but I am pleased they did it!


Enderby's Printing Mill circa 2011

Enderby's Printing Mill now luxury riverside apartments

Changed a bit! - It's now a block of apartments called Enderby's Wharf, but beware that there is a more famous wharf of the same name in London! and that too is a block of apartments. So don't end up in the wrong place