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Earith Primary School

We welcome Earith Primary School as a new member of the Huntingdonshire websites and look forward to following what they do in the future.

More information about Earith Primary School


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Sorry for the disruption this morning, with all our Huntingdonsire websites off-line.

We suffered a major component failure in our server but due to the excellent skilled performance by our host's, Fast2Host Ltd., support engineers by lunch time they are all back online again.

More information about Whoops!


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Bank Holiday Market

Don't forget there is a GIANT Bank Holiday Market in St Ives on Monday but whatever you are doing over the weekend have a great time and stay safe.

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Come Dine with Me

ITV's 'Come Dine with Me' are in the Huntingdonshire area filming from the 29th of August to the 2nd of September and are looking for fabulous hosts to take part and host their own dinner party!

If you are interested and would like more information then contact 'Clare' at 12 Yard Productions on 020 715 73760.

Go on, give it a go, you have always wanted to be a TV star!


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You may get only one chance to influence the upcoming decisions so SIGN THE PETITION to save the services at Hinchingbrooke Hospital now. If you don't you may end up having to travel to Cambridge or Peterborough for A&E, Maternity and Haematology and once that happens you can bet your life that what's left will be slowly run into the ground until they decide to shut it down completely.

Follow the link below and SIGN the petition NOW and then go get everyone else you know to do it too.

Put a little effort in now to save yourself an awful lot of effort and expense in the future!



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Official Opening

Lloyd's Chemists officially open the revamped and extended shop and dispensing chemists at King's Hedges, St Ives, at 1pm TODAY, 14th July.

More information about Official Opening


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Save Hinchingbrooke Petition

Although we don't see eye to eye with Jonathan Djanogly MP regarding the EU we do agree with saving Hinchingbrooke.

If you too are opposed to the merging of Hinchingbrooke Hospital with Peterborough Hospital and the subsequent reduction in services at Hinchingbrooke that will result, then follow the link below and add your voice to the petition on Jonathan's website.

More information about Save Hinchingbrooke Petition


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Come on Barretts needs YOU!

It's crunch time for Barrett's of St Neots and they need your help to survive. They have a SALE on at the moment so go visit them NOW, buy loads of stuff and demonstrate your support to keep one of our treasured independent stores in the High Street.

More information about Come on Barretts needs YOU!


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Want to see something funny but devastatingly accurate then here's your chance. There are public showings of BREXIT the Movie coming soon to a place near you:

Hilton Village Hall at 7.30pm on 7th June
St Ives Corn Exchange at 7.30pm on 8th June
Hemingford Grey Reading Room at 7.30pm on 10th June
Hemingford Abbots Village Hall at 7.30pm on 15th June

but if you cannot make it to any of the above then you may follow the link below and watch the movie on-line if you prefer...

More information about BREXIT THE MOVIE!


A local news item from Jevstar Dot Com

Niche Comics and Bookshop

We welcome Niche Comics and Bookshop as new commercial members of the Huntingdonshire Websites.

Niche Comics and Bookshop is located within an historic Tudor building on the High Street in Huntingdon. They retail a vast range of books, comics and games and hold a number of book, comic and game related events throughout the year including some where they give away comics to the customers, so keep an eye on what they plan to do next...

More information about Niche Comics and Bookshop



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