St Ives Bus Station, in St Ives

Station Road, St Ives,

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Station Road, St Ives,


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The St Ives Bus Station is currently located on part of the site of the old St Ives Livestock Market immediately adjacent and only a hundred metres from the town centre and although it has few facilities, a small waiting room and public conveniences, this downside is more than compensated for by its location close to the shops, post office, library and car park.

However it would seem that the long term future for the current central St Ives Bus Station is threatened by the construction of the new Guided Bus Terminal on the other side of Harrison Way.

Questions needing answers

  • Will we have two bus stations?

  • Will the bus service operators still wish to negotiate into the town centre once the new terminus is open, especailly now that it seems the Town Council and the Civic Society don't want buses running through Crown Street?

  • Are you happy to walk the extra 500 metres from the Guided Bus Terminal to the town centre?

The original proposal was that west bound buses, Cambridge to Huntingdon would pass through the existing bus station from Station Road before continuing to Huntingdon as they do at present whilst east bound buses, Huntingdon to Cambridge would enter the town via the Broadway, Crown Street and stop in Market Hill before passing through to the Park and Ride terminal via Station Road. If the east bound buses cannot use the Broadway and Crown Street they will not come into the town at all but proceed direct to the Park and Ride from Huntingdon via St Audrey's Lane and Harrison Way and the only way you will be able to get on a bus to Cambridge from the town centre will be after walking to the new terminus.

We will have to wait and see how all this turns out and whether what we end up with is an improvement or not. Given that the price of fuel is never really going to go down, the overall population is aging and the fact that we should be encouraging and prioritising the use of public transport over the private motor car moving the bus station out of town and limiting the access of buses to the town centre may turn out to be the wrong decision.


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